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Floating Ashes

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February 16, 2019 / By / 2 Comments

I feel broken and weakened as the pain surges through my heart; my world momentarily shifting into a dystopian of images and thoughts. The unwanted and familiar smell lingering, for hours; the vibration surging through my tissue causing intermittent trembling. The pathways, within my brain, refusing to redirect, instead of taking me on a long path of destruction and turmoil.

A bomb has gone off and I have found myself walking the streets with a somber feeling that has become unshakable. The floating ashes sticking to me, reminding me with every step, what has transpired. These ashes will return to form one day, today they represent the unfurled traumas of a lifetime.

I will make mud with the ashes and rain, to revitalize my raw skin. I will let my tears fall without regard and let out the cries that have been suppressed for far too long. I will reach out for the love that is all around me and asks to be held and reminded I am not alone.

I hear the whispers from the angels that have flown with me for so long, telling me of the job well-done. Thank you, I will float with these ashes, as they too are teaching me.


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