Getting Started - Sakira Fire

Just getting started? 

Take a deep breathe! Perfect, you are already there. That space in between breathing in and letting go allowed your body to regain perspective. Simply breathe and feel that space, let your thoughts come and go, try to not get stuck on any in particular and if you do simply notice and continue. Be patient and congratulate yourself for simply showing up! The beginning is truly the most difficult. Thank you for being here today!

Sometimes a low, calm (no words) music is helpful to slow the mind. I also start every meditation with saging myself, the space and lighting an incense and the candles on my alter space. As you feel comfortable you can begin to think of a consistent space in your home that you go to everyday (usually the same time of day) and have a ritual (something you do every time to let your mind, body, and spirit know it is time to get into the meditative space).
Journaling daily allows you to reflect later as well as helps you expand on your thoughts, prayers or messages.