Book Recommendations - Sakira Fire

Just a few…

Brian Wiess – Many Lives, Many Masters
This book was an intro for me on past lives. I highly recommend this author and book. He is an excellent writer and very easy read.
Brian Wiess – Same Soul, Many Bodies
Additional recordings of past life discoveries in his practice as a psychiatrist.
Brian Wiess – Only Love is Real
A journey of two people who shared many lifetimes together but have not met in this lifetime and they are both clients of Brian Wiess… The dilemma of confidentiality becomes a problem.
Michael Newton – Journey of Souls
A deeper explanation of how souls choose groups, guides, and paths as a human. This book is a must-read for those that are in any way feeling a connection to this vibration.

Gay Hendricks – The Big Leap
Absolute MUST read. Helps with understanding and recognizing our upper limits we place on ourselves, preventing us from gaining our full potential in love, abundance, and success.

Paulo Ceolo – Alchemist
Must read! A beautiful story and an excellent author! A recommendation for teenagers as well!

Pam Grout – E
This book is a great way to understand more about your power in creating your reality and how our thoughts really can create things around us.

Abraham Hicks – Law of Attraction
Similar to Pam Grout’s book, this one talks more about manifesting the financial things in life and how we limit ourselves. A good place to start in the way of manifesting abundance.

Graham Hancock – Entangled
Excellent novel… VERY graphic, however really begins to explain time, other dimensions and questions all that we think we know currently in relation to our simple, linear world we live in.

Graham Hancock – Finger Prints of The Gods
Very scientific explanation of human history, from a very different perspective.