I am a beautiful soul traveling a lifetime full of wonder and adventure. Each day is filled with joy, peace and opportunity to expand and grow. Every moment of my life has been a precious gift in which I hope to share with the world in a way that brings peace, unconditional love, and harmony to all of those I encounter, creating a ripple effect.

I currently live where spirit shows me, while my home is in Portland, Oregon.  I enjoy traveling the world, experiencing a variety of vibrations and energies along the way. This blog allows me to explore and share the awe-inspiring moments. Many of the pictures on this site are from my personal collection of traveling, lending an additional insight into my journey and this beautiful world around us.

This path has called me to commit to sharing as much of this gift as I am blessed to as possible through Shamanic aligned practices, sound healing, writing and speaking. The gifts I have been blessed with are not mine, but for those who receive them. I am honored to practice daily in becoming a clear and pure vessel for this energy to flow through.

My childhood prepared me for this moment, as I spent a good portion of it navigating this complicated, yet simple world we live in. I was blessed with significant opportunities to grow from experiences as a child. Every person, circumstance and challenge was truly a gift, opening doors to new gifts. The depth in which my spirit travels has allowed me to connect on many realms with magical and divine energies.  The blog on this site expands further on the details of many of these adventures, I hope you find enjoyment, laughter, inspiration, and love with each of them.

Blessings of harmony, peace and unconditional love to this beautiful world we live in! May our sweet Mother Earth feel the love we hold for her and know our hearts feel the pulse of her strength and perseverance in these times of shifting.


  1. Sharon Prow says:

    I am a beautiful soul traveling a lifetime full of wonder and adventure.

  2. Thank you for BEING here and sharing your gifts!

    • Torri Wright says:

      Thank you, Marilyn. Thank you for being here as well. 🙂
      Lately, the world feels a bit overwhelming, and putting words out there for others to read is important, while I also recognize taking time to be thoughtful about what we are saying is more critical than ever. We are truly experiencing unprecedented times.
      Blessings to you,


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