Added Tips - Sakira Fire

  • Remember, this is a practice. To build a habit make a commitment to consistently show up for a certain amount of time for 2 weeks. Once you have accomplished this, add time, increase your visualizations, your space and evolve as you feel called to.
  • Be patient, you might have to start over. Things come up and we get pulled away or distracted… Just make yourself a promise to return. AND remember that when things are not going well or easy, that is the time meditation is MOST effective and needed. This is hard to remember and do, but once you catch yourself and do it, you will begin to see the power it can have in adjusting the reality around you.
  • Don’t judge yourself or others… We can all catch ourselves going to that place, just notice it and turn it in another direction. Judgement only brings you the same level of judgement back to you and creates a more difficult reality around you, as you are only recognizing in others something about yourself that you are wanting to heal and overcome. Take the opportunities you catch yourself in that place to notice exactly what it is you are about to judge and think about what is within you that needs to be healed or released in that area. Such a beautiful way to self-heal.
  • Honor your time and self-care. Take time and truly allow yourself to doze off, take a bath, listen to music longer in the car before going in the house, go for a walk, exercise, be creative and disconnect from any business around you. This should be DAILY, as it allows your body/mind/spirit to re-balance and re-store from the day.
  • Be thankful and have gratitude for the things around you. Bring this into your daily practice/mantra. Give thanks for “every” thing around you (family, partner, kids, career, health, love, friends, community, healthy mind and spiritual practice). When we give thanks, the energy is sent to all of those things and they are able to grow even more, bringing more positive in that area. Look at the tiny things that happen and give thanks.
  • Send others good thoughts, love and light. Of course we would want to send out those things to those we love and care for, but extend this to those that maybe make us mad, angry or have hurt us. They are hurting in some way, they need more love and light to help heal whatever it is they are going through. When we are able to do this, the situation often resolves almost immediately. Of course some of those deeper wounds take time and practice as well as finding that space in your heart that is genuine in sending the love and light. Prayers for others are powerful! Prayers for the earth are powerful and prayers for humanity are powerful! The more we send positive energy out into the universe the more things begin to shift. Try a few little experiments out and you will begin to see how much our thoughts really do manifest our reality.