Going Deeper - Sakira Fire

Deepening the heart space and connecting to our higher-self

Once you have your space created, your mind is beginning to quiet and you are feeling the connection with your team we are ready to connect even more. Our soul is what comes into each lifetime into our bodies, with all the memories from past lives, personalities that carry over and all the fears gained from different experiences. Our higher self is our spirit that never incarnates into a body, rather is a part of us energetically and knows our highest purpose and path. This part of us allows us to know “who” we are fully and begin to heal all the traumas, fears and insecurities from this life and previous.

In mediation, following your daily ritual, ask for your guides to show you the rope/light connected to your higher self, to your heart space. Sit until you are able to visualize and see the colors, shapes and waves of light. Once you are clear on what it looks like know that connection is “always” there and is actively a part of you. That connection will begin to work within your body/mind as your deepen your daily practice. The unfolding of this space will vary from person to person, as it is truly between you and your higher-self.

Bring this connection practice into your daily meditation ritual to affirm this relationship and step forward in growth and expansion.