The Next Level - Sakira Fire

Wanting to go to the next level?

Build your alter/meditation/prayer space with candles, stones, sage, incense and other items you feel connected to. Sometimes that might be something you connect with from a particular religion or culture, this is your private and sacred space to begin creating. By creating this space you are opening your heart and honoring your practice in getting to know “you” and your “spirit team.”

In your meditations breath deeper, allow your mind to become completely blank and wait for messages to flow through visions, feelings, hearing or simply knowing. Sometimes it is helpful to have a specific mantra or sequence to go through to get to this space. This might include visualizing a scene (beach, garden, forest, water ways or other). Allow your mind to get caught up in the scene and notice the gifts that are brought to you during the visualizing or journey you are taken on, as there are messages in this. As you go through the visual notice any changes in your breathing, your body and the sensations you begin to feel. Then allow your body to relax, no longer focusing on the visualization or trying, just be in that space, enjoy the bliss…

Journal your experience daily to reflect as well as potentially gain insight of your journey, as writing is an excellent way to channel information and beings you are in the meditative space, this moment is beautiful