Spirit Guides Explained - Sakira Fire

Spirit Guides – Angels – Divine Source

The lovely entities around us and have always been with us throughout our journeys as human beings; learning, growing and expanding with one another. When we are beginning to open our minds, hearts and spiritual path we tap into a deeper sense of who we are and what we are made of. In this journey we also begin to experience more intense sensations, graphic dreams, feeling others’ emotions in a really strong way, seeing things happen in our minds eye before they happen in this time space or hearing messages from something other than our minds.

Each of us came here with gifts and a purpose to use those gifts. The more we can connect with our “Spirit Team” or the entities referred to as angels, guides, ascended masters, spirits, divine source, and God the more we are able to connect with our gifts and find our path using those gifts as we were called here to do. This work begins by simply spending time getting your mind quiet and “feeling” your body relax. As your mind begins to slow and blank space remains the messages, visions or feelings in ones body may begin to take place. This is simply allowing space for our Spirit Team to communicate with and through us.

This team consists of energy sources (light beings/spirits) who have agreed to help out along your path and share the responsibility in helping each of us find our way, learn, expand and grow. Each of them have a personality (as all of our souls do) and the ability to help manifest your reality around you. Some people are able to communicate directly to their team and know the exact personalities and names or genders of each, however the names and genders are not necessary to know as this is more of a human need or desire.

As we deepen and expand our practice the awareness of the team grows and the work becomes more clear. Conversations begin to take place in a variety of ways and our intuition becomes heightened to our surroundings and how they are constantly talking to us. I will often notice certain numbers that will frequently show up in patterns when they are trying to send a message. Sometimes they will simply speak in my mind and I hear it very clearly. I also see little messages through signs or things that people will say that directly aligns with something I am thinking about or came up in meditation. I also receive messages in my daily mediations and dreams (often for other people).

The important part about developing a relationship with yourself and your spirit team is to be patient, consistent and honor the path you are on. No one way is the correct or the right way. We are here to support one another along and into this journey, while simply loving ourselves unconditionally so we may love others the same. Our work always begins with ourselves. This is the most difficult and vulnerable work, therefore not everyone is ready for this path. The beautiful part is that we are all given choices and our journey is perfect no matter where we are.