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I Have Come Here to Soar

February 22, 2020 / By / Post a Comment

My heart pulsing with expansion, on fire and full of excitement, then sad, broken, and a loss of any sense of ease or joy. Struggling to remind me of the earlier emotions and how exciting life is becoming right now. Fighting the urge to give up, pull back, and retreat as far as I am able.

A weighted feeling greater than my own mind’s ability to adjust and start over has landed on my chest. It feels heavy, too heavy to carry and beyond reach to unpack or let go. I know this is not true and I always have a choice, while I also feel exhausted and beyond reach to shift into another gear. This too shall pass, feels cliche’ and full of false hope.

Searching for excuses to lose my cool, only to fall flat with any emotion; too bogged down to even speak. Almost as if I tumbled face first and cannot activate my arms to get myself up. Success sits at my fingertips and I seem to keep it right there, to remind myself what is possible, although the will and motivation slide away.

I see you, false belief. Thank you for casting this shadow of falsity around my self-worth and ability to show up with courage and strength. I see you, sabotaging pattern. Thank you for showing up this time with such a heaviness I could only sit and reflect. I see you, fear of success. Thank you for making that more clear than ever before.

I am ready to rise from these ashes, once again, and take flight with fire on my wings. As I soar through the air, my heart fills with gratitude to once again take flight after another epic rebirth. ~ I have come here to soar and that is what I will do!

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