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Hidden Shadows

July 5, 2020 / By / Post a Comment

Storm clouds brewing in the distance, anticipation of destructive winds, and treacherous waters flooding the foundations of our existence creep into the mind’s eye. Fears of decimation and dystopian future swirl through the mind like a tornado ready to ravage all that is in sight. Anxiety ripe with rage and discontent, at the surface, waiting for the moment to be unleashed upon anything that remotely looks disconcerting.

These clouds have been kept under lock and key for so long, they have only had time to grow with girth through the months of society-driven fear and divisive tensions striking any sense of unity. It is as if a new kind of cloud has covered us all, or rather the clouds have lifted and the individual storms are now being revealed. We are not separate from one another, no matter the storms that brew.

Have we all forgotten we are one?

I am you and you are me. Does this no longer ring true as we fight against the current of life that has now become a merciless river running through the paths in which we once could walk hand in hand? Are we not able to find new ways to come together and sit in the discomfort and work beyond the fears? Why must we be so divided? Why are we no longer looking at other perspectives? Why does it seem as though so many have become a part of this divisive programming with no space for community or tribal connection?

Have we lost our hearts in the storm?

My heart feels broken, disabled, and more isolated than ever before. This storm should have brought us together, not apart. Why do you think this has happened? What if the secret is to overcome our fears and return to the belief WE manifest our future and the reality we choose to live? This seems to have been easily forgotten, perhaps we can all be invited back to a space of self-reflection and independent thought that returns us to our intuition and heart-centered actions, letting the fear rage on in the waters, not in our bodies.

My heart is open – my heart feels all the storms – my heart is ready to heal.

I love you, as I love myself, unconditionally and unapologetically. This is me, within you.

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