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Nothing But Time

May 3, 2020 / By / Post a Comment

As I lay my head down at night to fall off into a land of mystery and imagination, I reflect on my day. This is the moment I check in with my body and mind, to see how they fared the day’s events. I work hard to redirect critical thoughts I put upon myself for not completing more or checking in on enough people. Most often this reflection has me toss and turn a bit before I can settle into a comfortable spot to give myself permission to shut off.

The sun peaks through the trees and bursts of light shining into my room call my, early morning attention. Most days I slowly crawl out of bed and ponder my calendar and the first tasks of the morning, but lately… Well, I wake up and remember that everything has changed, with no end date established, but changed for sure. Yes, this was not a dream, rather the state of our world today.

How do I shift, again and again, as the world literally feels as though it is closing in on itself? Reminding myself, hourly, that all I can control or alter is the thoughts racing through my mind and how well I am connecting with my heart. There are times a battle ensues, yet I come to the same thought/realization, no matter what.

I am whole and complete with all that is needed to rise. I accept what is, without understanding and trust what I believe to be truth is what I will manifest around me, therefore I believe in love. I believe in the collective. I believe in harmony, I believe in joy and ease. This practice grows the magnitude of power I have within my very own being and sends a ripple into the world.

The ripple I send matters; therefore, I shall cultivate the deepest, most consistent state of unconditional love I am capable of. And this shall be my practice every day, all day, no matter.

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