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October 7, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

This morning I woke from a dream about some very interesting things. I then spent a long time in and out of dream state analyzing and remembering parts to the dream. I actually feel like I was traveling and becoming partially aware of where I was going and what I was doing while I travel.

The dream is spotty within my memory, but I will write what I can recall.

I was getting married, to what I believe was Michael, my husband. We were younger and in different bodies. We had our families out to our home, which was on land we were building a home. The visual of the dream was filtered (strong colors in the midst of dull, neutral colors).

Michael had been engaged to marry someone else several years before. That person died in an accident. The woman he was supposed to marry was someone I knew very well, in the dream as well as in this life.

Her parents were at our home for the wedding and in part of the dream we were all sitting in the living room talking about the wedding; who was planning to help out with what. As I was listening to each of them talk I was getting overwhelmed and emotions starting rolling up to my throat and tears were getting ready to flow. I could tell that her parents had been crying off and on. They said to me, “We are so thankful to be here, we want to pay you for letting us stay in your home. We are very happy to be here and a part of this and we love you both.”

I began to cry, trying to get the words out, letting them know we were extremely happy they were there with us and we would not be accepting any money from them for staying. I then laid my head back, trying to stop more tears from streaming down my face and I immediately fell asleep. I then went to another dream world (that I had been going to through out the dream when I slept) in this dream I saw our property from a different perspective.

As I went into this state I saw that there were tiny burn piles, that were offerings and as I began to look closer I realized I was floating over them. The trees around were all dead, with no leaves or what appeared to be any sign of life in them. The grass was dry and golden color. I looked at it with the thought of beauty and admired the offering piles (little burn piles smoldering in all directions) and noticed that as I was no longer afraid, I floated a little higher and a little faster. Then I was taken towards this area that in other dreams I was really afraid to explore (felt like a bad dream).

As I was floating towards this massive, dark tree I felt this intense energy and realization that I did not have to be afraid and that I could just let it go. As I went through this I immediately started floating really fast and much higher. The energy took me straight to this space that I had been afraid of. I could feel my friends energy who had passed and I could feel something far more powerful.

It was then, in the dream, I realized fear is holding us all back…. Just let go and you can see the truth.

My thoughts…

When we hold fear in our minds, it expands and brings on more intense feeling around this and blocks our perspectives to only see that fear. We also begin to create a story around that fear and potentially build more fear around that story. All the fear is doing is preventing us from seeing the deeper truth.

I am married to a man who lost his wife to breast cancer. During our relationship there have been significant opportunities to learn and grow from others and different perspectives in life. This dream was huge for me in where I have come over the last four years of our relationship and the journey with those who experienced the death and loss of a dear loved one. Colette, a daughter, mother, friend, wife and gorgeous soul was and still is loved as well as missed by many.

I saw this dream as Colette’s parents’ higher-selves telling us (Michael and I in this life) they were happy, supportive and loved us. Yet, their own fear and anger potentially got in the way of allowing them to be present with that space. Of course being in this human body filled with so many emotions and a society that does not value the processing of such emotions creates a disillusioned reality that we all get caught up in frequently and do not always reflect upon.

In the beginning I was excited to meet her parents, learn more and build an even bigger family, however my excitement was met with something very different and the lessons of compassion and understanding began to unfold. I began to hold back my own emotions, because I had fear that I looked strange or inappropriate having “feelings of missing” Colette myself. I have known her, I do know her and it is all connected in a very beautiful way. I also saw the entire circumstance from a beautiful place, which was not appropriate for me to share or express, therefore I simply found ways to exist in a smaller way, always worrying about what others were thinking of me, did I offend Colette or did I say the wrong thing?

When we let go of what others think, the ideas that things are scary, mean, big, stronger than or bad, we lift the veil to the truth of what the reality is around us. _How can we not lift this veil and see what is so beautiful all around?_ Is it really that comfortable to continue to stay in this place of discomfort and limitation?

Recently I have been able to reflect more on my childhood memories coming back that I had previously not been able to remember, opening up portals to release and learn from the fear(s). Pretty powerful dream for many reasons. I am very thankful for these messages that have come through. May the message bless you with releasing and healing energy deep within, allowing your veil to fade over time into full clarity.

Peace to you all!

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