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Coming Home Again

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October 11, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

As I slipped off my shoes and stepped into the sweet mossy ground with the moist soil squishing between my toes I drew in the deepest, most abundant breathe! I felt at home, connected to the soil I stood upon as the sky was blessing me with warmth upon my face. Remembering the moments I once stood on this land as another, hearing the angels speak to me, letting me know they are rejoicing my return.

This land felt so crisp and clear words could never begin to paint the picture of such beauty. The smells of nature were like nothing I had experienced in this lifetime, yet it felt so absolutely familiar. I wanted to roll on the earth and fill my cells with the gorgeous vibrations and love. Instead I simply listened and walked upon the land that now began to sing to me melodies from the past, long ago forgotten. These melodies were waiting for me to come and collect them once again.

As my heart began to beat faster with the realization of the gifts I was about to receive I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude and honor. I was standing upon land I once stood, many times before, to now connect with those energies and vibrations to share with those along my path, remembering and honoring the work I completed in those lifetimes. My body was healing with every step and my heart expanding in joy.

When we simply know the truth, yet the words cannot express the feelings within we must trust the path in which we are walking without hesitation, analyzing or questioning what is happening. Our hearts remember where we have passed before, knowing the work needing to be done and the items waiting to be collected, carried to another and set free. This precious moment is the sweetest, most liberating and empowering feeling one could feel when we simply surrender to that which we are asked to do.

Finding yourself in this place and pausing to honor what is beginning to unfold opens a gate to a garden of the most gorgeous flowers one could grow, with incredibly fragrant smells lifting you off of the earth at moments into a trance of bliss and wonder. Why would you ever want to leave this state of consciousness? Only to share with those on the same path, helping extend the vibration and connection we all are here to experience.

Norway holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to my return once again in this lifetime to a land I know has been my home. For today, I share the beautiful energy the country left resonating in my soul and send it out to the world with gratitude and love.

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