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Information that is channelled fully or partially.

Navigating The Unknown

Divine content
November 25, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
An undiscovered cavern filled with darkness brings excitement and curiosity. Adventurous spirits gear up to navigate the unknown, while others look upon and wait for the return, holding close to the edge filled with anticipation. The dangers that lie ahead are no greater than daily living, yet only a few souls brave the journey into […]

Burn Bright

Divine content
November 24, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
When we begin to shine others may want to dim our light because our light becomes too bright and exposes areas they are here to work on. This is for them to figure out, not diminish our brightness to protect them from their own process. The universe is illuminated with love and light as each […]

The Hearts’ Truth

Divine content
November 10, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
Whispers of doubt welcome limitations and slowed progress, yet they seem unavoidable at times. Perhaps this is our forced way to stay in a place of learning. The idea of following our heart without question seems so incredibly desirable, particularly removing the external influencers so frequently persuading our decisions and how we show up. What […]
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