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Letting Go

October 3, 2015 / By / 1 Comment

Today I surrender my soul to the waters below
letting the slippery rocks massage away layers.
Gathering courage in my heart to see deep within
allowing reflection to shimmer on the surface for
only a moment to watch it swirl into clarity.

Observing visions at my feet draws tears to my eyes,
filled with joy, peace and liberation.
The woman I have become in this lifetime is only a
small teardrop fallen in a river of expansion.

This soul I carry absolves the past, present and future,
making room for this moment, space and time.
The vital force rejuvenated with unconditional love,
while veins of this journey are purified in the sweetness of this occasion.

May the tenderness of the ocean evolve
once lacking in love energy swirling to her with humbleness.
Gratitude is spread through the seas with such a union,
calling forward all beings to step into the river of transformation.

Torri Wright-Krol 2015

1 Comment

  1. Dorothy says:

    thank you Torri your inspirational words touch a very deep place , where they resonate and understand. Love reverence and blessings to you.

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