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Busy Minds Distracted World

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September 28, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

Thoughts racing, schedules flying, alarms pinging all the while our minds are full of restless energy. Our universe feels chaotic and stressful, yet we simply want to just relax and be in ease. Our days seem to fly by and exhaustion enters into our bodies and minds. Is this really what we are here to experience?

How could I possibly say no to my work, family, friends or those that depend on me? Especially if I am wanting to simply spend a day or a portion of time to myself? That is so selfish and feels like I simply do not have time for that… OR do I? We all have the amazing ability to create our own reality. However we have to consciously engage with it and recognize that our minds are extremely powerful when aligned with loving ourselves and our highest purpose in this life.

Self-sacrificing is not found on the path of empowerment and engagement with our highest purpose. In fact, that seems to be a catalyst to negative experiences continually showing up in our world by thinking others are expecting self-sacrifice from us when we try to connect with “who” we are. This creates significant energy drains/leaks for our body/mind/spirit, hence the exhaustion.

When we are filling ourselves up with unconditional love and acceptance we transmute that old energy around us to see a new perspective. And those we are aligned with, on the path in a high vibrational space will honor your work and be supportive of self-care. Those that are not aligned are simply draining your energy anyway and what a beautiful opportunity to see where to clean up your energy field and recognize the highest truth.

Our minds truly create much more than we ever give them credit and simply shifting into a space where we acknowledge our self-worth and acceptance of love from ourselves first, truly opens new pathways into a much more easeful life. When we look in the mirror and reflect on the life we are living we often go to negative self-talk or places that we want to avoid all together. Those are the places we need to actually thank, love and fully embrace as those moments brought us the biggest transformations and lessons to move forward in this lifetime.

Embracing the experiences we have in this life as something that again happens “for” us not “to us, we can see how much our world is truly about our journey of finding who we are, loving that person and sharing that love in the brightest, most beautiful way! When we love our selves without condition, others love us the same and we begin to plant seeds of change in all of those we interact with daily, shifting the level of love we all have within us.

Our world would truly change drastically if we all began to see ourselves as the incredibly gorgeous, gifted and loving beings we all are at our core. Why not be a part of the change in bringing us to that place by first unconditionally loving yourself!? I love you all! 🙂 XO

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