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March 23, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

The mountain I have climbed is no more conquered than the work I have come here to accept and learn from. Celebrations amidst exhaustion, both motivating in different ways; my heart perpetually steering this course, in which I have grown accustomed to simply follow, without question.

The moments my stride seems to have stretched with ease and rhythmic creation I smile, knowing I must cherish this feeling, as the hill and trails ahead may not offer space to this pace, nor shall the terrain be flat and smooth forever. With every accomplished hill climb, bouldering summit, snow-capped glacier ascended, or water crossed, I gain strength and fuel from the land that speaks so sweetly.

My ears have been tuned to her whispers in the dark and her embrace as I fall to my knees, attempting to keep stepping forward. She happily nourishes my being. If only I open my heart. Her lessons come with hard knocks and scraped knees, while her unconditional love is like a warm fire on a cold, dark night.

This walk was never meant for the timid or weary. No, this trail I have found myself upon is filled with – darkness and brilliant light – wonder and adversity – sweltering heat and freezing air – all here to cultivate resiliency, strength, courage, bravery, and acceptance of the polarities that exist in this world; mirroring those existing within me.

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