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Unselfish Enlightenment

March 17, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

How do I choose me without being (feeling) selfish? The big decisions in life come with such impactful consequences. Are we really here to do as we wish without any regard to others? As a spiritual person, I do not feel aligned to this, while I witness so many others within spiritual practices embodying this energy.

Many of the great spiritual leaders, who have become icons for religions, left their families (partners and children), their community and headed off for the journey into enlightenment. When digging into the history you may find the choices they made were truly harmful to those around them. They were recognized and idolized, later as enlightened beings. This is where I struggle; I want to chase that sparkle, just not at the heartbreak of those around me.

I call upon my community and guides to shine unconditional love on this topic. What if we rose above ourselves, knowing the collective energy is far more powerful than that of one individual? What if we came together as whole beings, with intentions of shining the brightest light into this world, with the purpose of enlightenment for the collective?

I will shine bright, my friend, knowing it will impact you with love.

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