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Welcome to the heart of who I am. Enjoy the exploration of this journey with an open mind, body and spirit allowing truth to be revealed.


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Soul Food

June 8, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Waves of bloated intentions, released with each crashing cycle, the heart settling with a new rhythm each turn. Hungry for growth and expansion the beating continues to pulse the body forward as the mind slowly melts into each moment. Storms and chaos swirl as they do, staying out of arms reach, as a gesture to teach without the pain of being tossed around and thrown off course.
Witnessing this earth as my own body, stepping with love, gratitude, and release. Mother Earth whispers to the animal spirits to show up with their medicine to connect and teach deeper meanings of this journey I walk. Every plant and tree bending, dancing, and singing into my ear. The joy is palpable.
My steps become a dance:
Love, love, love
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude
Release, release, release
My soul is nourished and cleansed. My spirit bows to the beauty continually unfolding.

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