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Independent Love

July 7, 2019 / By / 1 Comment

The love we have will carry us through this life; if it is weak, we shall experience many challenges with a feeling of defeat and anger as if the universe has conspired against us. If it is strong, we shall experience the same challenges with a sense of accomplishment and acceptance of all that is, is and we get to learn as much or as little as we choose.

A spectrum of love always has room to grow and expand, in all directions, shifting how we show up and see all that exists around us. As the love settles into our being and drives our motivations, we begin to witness others as well as ourselves; illuminating that which still has room to grow. This truth does not come with ease, rather discomfort and a feeling of sadness as we are called to let go, many times over again.

We let go, not because we enjoy being alone or without, rather accepting the truth is part of expanding in love. And sometimes we were never meant to hang on to that which cannot belong to another. In this space of love, I offer a seed of hope and encouragement to grow the love that exists within you.

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