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Welcome to the heart of who I am. Enjoy the exploration of this journey with an open mind, body and spirit allowing truth to be revealed.


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An Unconditional Path

July 14, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Paved with grace and love, I have found a new road to travel. Anger melts into compassion, judgment quickly becomes a reflection, and acknowledgment each of us has a very different experience; therefore, showing up with the only thing we know. The road traveled to this path has been jungle ridden, washed away, and filled with forks of distraction.
My heart feels at ease, while my mind and body continue to catch up to this space I seem to have fallen into with such grace. Not to say the grace arrived with ease; rather, the struggle has brought the grace. Every breath is filled with sweet gratitude and a whisper of knowing; all is exactly as it is meant to be, nothing more, nothing less.
The next chapter is mine to write, one that has triumph, adventure, and more joy than I could ever imagine. With grace, I shall continue to walk.

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