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The Alchemy of Me

August 17, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

The Alchemy of Me

Where the shadows meet the light and the light meets the sky.
The Alchemy of me – the coming together of all aspects – physical, spiritual, and mental part of me in this world – in many dimensions – through all existence of time.
The alchemy of me, the vibration of my words rippling through space and time, the pulses within the movements of my body, and the swirling of the thoughts in my head, landing in my throat, with a powerful rolling off the tongue, into all that exists around me.

The alchemy of me is harmony, bliss, and wonder.
The alchemy of me is also change, hardship, and struggle.

The Al-chem-y of me brings storm clouds and torrential downpours to cleanse away all that no longer serves in this time and in this place.
The alchemy of me embraces the here and now.

The alchemy of me is unconditional love with compassion and grace moving in and out of all aspects that create the existence of ā€œIā€
The alchemy of me is the expansion of my soul traveling throughout all dimensions, here and now, and then, above and below; all simultaneously vibrating and shifting.
The alchemy of me is not separate, but one with the collection of all. The alchemy of ALL is the greater consciousness of this universal existence; connecting with all elements, in harmony. For this I am unaware and I do not understand, yet I feel, I do not know-how, yet I exist and this is the alchemy that has settled within.

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