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March 3, 2019 / By / 1 Comment

The moment we leave this body to carry on to the next realm our thoughts become clear, our hearts rest and the world becomes dark as the dimensions light our path. Traveling through tunnels of electrical matter, traversing the edge of humanity and sacred knowledge. Never once questioning the process, instead, knowing every step that comes next.

Flashes of memories flood the pineal gland, distracting from the rapidness of all that is passing by. Emotions begin to fill this space that is occupied within this electrical cave, moving at the speed of light, but these emotions feel so different… They are felt at a cellular level, yet the body no longer exists. The cells seem to take up more room than the body, so the emotions begin to travel and take a life of their own.

Those emotions are how we made the world feel. Those emotions were the imprint we are leaving behind, the feelings left in the hearts of those standing over our abandoned flesh, saying their goodbyes. Only we are never really gone, no, we are only traveling into space and time; awaiting our opportunity to return to, yet another fleshy container.

The energy has begun to grow so massive it is hard to image it ever fit inside such a tiny body. Our truest essence is of such capacity words fail to capture the entirety of all that transpires. A gift to see, a gift to live, a gift to die. Nothing to fear, rather, celebrate the journey well-traveled, in a body designed to expire, as this is how we evolve as a collective source of energy.

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  1. Kristin says:

    This is beautiful!

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