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The Beauty of Adversity

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November 26, 2017 / By / Post a Comment

While my heart wants to reach out and send a message to men calling attention to their misdoings, I realized this is a naive and narrow point of view. Women and Men alike are both predators and prey in this world we exist. I believe as human beings we experience these things to learn, understand and gain empathy.

Sexuality and sex, in general, have always been an area I seemed to struggle talking about, even intimately with a partner. As I have begun healing the deep layers of my own traumas a clarity has emerged. The experiences I have grown up with have encouraged shame, guilt, and invalidation of my personal boundaries. So talking about sex would feel dirty, inappropriate, and sinful.

Surrendering to this space is teaching me to find courage from within, listen to my body and respond with love and grace, open my heart with compassion and allow myself to heal in the way I am called. I am learning, each day, more about this process, my own judgments/perceptions I have held towards others because of my own limitations and experiences. My perspective continues to stretch in all directions as I heal these areas and recognize what is beyond these adversities.

The imperfection of life lends an opportunity for us to see our own imperfections and how they shape who we are and what we do. While I may not fully understand the horrors we humans bring into this world, I do understand love. I choose love and compassion as my guiding light along this healing journey.

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