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The Wrinkles We Curse

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August 20, 2016 / By / 4 Comments

Do you ever find yourself deeply inspecting every millimeter of your face, only to find new wrinkles, sun kisses and lots more? I try to see them with eyes of adventure and appreciation in that I have lived a life full of adventure and these lines are evidence of the journey I have traveled. While this works most days, there are some days I feel super bummed to see knew damage, lines deepening and age taking affect.

Today I realized this is a great analogy to my personal process. I can find the positive, see the light and purpose for most situations unfolding, no matter how fun or difficult. While also I have those days I just want to say, “fuck it, this is so damn hard!”

After all, we are human! And as a very wise friend and mentor said to me just a few days ago, “You know Torri, if you do not have those moments and days where you give yourself permission to say fuck it, you will loose your mind and blow a fuse.”

Giving ourselves the right space and energy to express these emotions is critical to our process. We cannot throw this energy out for others to take on, become affected or witness as something they may have a part in. Rather, these are the days we should retreat, refrain from dialogue with humans, go into nature, sink into a quiet space and let loose chopping wood, pounding a hammer, running up a hill, screaming into a pillow or sinking our head underwater to scream whatever we need to.

I needed to hear this the other day, as I find I am all too hard on myself and try to “control or contain” my emotions far too often, therefore I bottle more than I would like to admit. Our path is meant to be frustrating at times, therefore we need to allow ourselves to become frustrated and loose our cool every now and then. This is healthy. We also need to embrace our limitations and know we need moments of reprieve.

Our limitations are meant to teach us, knowing them and embracing them allows us to recognize when we simply need a moment to be alone to express however that may look. We have entered a time where our limitations are fully exposed, understanding this part of who we are is no longer comfortable being stuffed in a bag to look sort out later.

Try a new approach in working through some of the more difficult moments and redirect the anger, frustration or anxieties. Let them physically fly free from your body. Just remember another human should not be a release point, rather nature is your friend, always! Mother Earth loves to transmute this kind of energy! Join me in embracing our limitations as a beautiful part of this path.

A pointer: I have found I quickly laugh or smile after I give myself permission to be a little ridiculous, where other times I need a little longer, but still eventually find the humor (this is how I know the emotion has been released). Emotions are complicated. Denying them only makes them more so. Tons of Love!!!!


  1. Annie says:

    Torri, again you have hit the proverbial nail on the head!! Thank you for your beautiful and always timely insights😍🙏🏼

    • Torri Wright-Krol says:

      Annie, I must say this post was inspired by our very long talk, so thank you for always being such a beautiful inspiration and light along this path we walk! So much love to you!


  2. Terry Jordan says:

    Torri, I love that you chose a picture of an elephant’s wrinkles. Why does the massive weight and wrinkles on elephants elicit a sense of wonder, awe and love, yet when extea weight and wrinkles appear on us, quite the opposite emotions are stirred?

    I also appreciate how you made a point to release emotions in nature instead of at another human! Right on!

    I’m so happy we spent time together in Tumalo State Park and look forward to getting together at some point in time!💕

    • Torri Wright-Krol says:

      Terri, I am excited to see you noticed the intentional elephant… They are stunning, wise, gorgeous creatures we humans could learn from on many levels. Our wrinkles and weight (as you pointed out) are wise, gorgeous and stunning as well! 🙂

      So wonderful to connect with more like-minded, beautiful souls! XO


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