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The Fiery Soul

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January 6, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

The one who never stops burning; so bright eyes have turned away, misunderstanding the beauty. If only they knew to use the peripheral vision, they would see the Phoenix in its full wonder. Looking straight on has caused blurred vision, scorched perspectives, and heated tensions.

While this soul yearns for connection and embraces the opportunity to light another’s world, she often feels isolated and unseen. There are times her feathers have been so thirsty for touch, she has wafted her heat towards others, only to be misconstrued as intense or overly confident. Her tears momentarily, quenching this continual heat, yet they evaporate before they reach her feathers.

How does she exist in this world others have so mistakenly taken her as too much? Her heart is of pure, golden love, yet she burns so bright others cannot see her or feel her intentions. Awe, she connects with her internal wisdom; and turns her heat inward and as outer layers cool others feel more welcomed and soothed by her now warm glow.

She has taken her own magic and pulled it in so that others can find their own without the heat of her glow, blinding what they too are meant to discover. Her heart no longer unseen; it is felt from afar with the same radiant magic, yet she has mastered the art of loving herself enough, reducing the heat and turning up the expansive love. Do you feel it? XO

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