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January 5, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Dear souls, who I share my internal process so deeply, I want to thank you. These last couple of weeks have been full of expansion, reflection, transitions and deep clarity. There is so much I have wanted to share, yet I was called to retreat and gather these rapidly firing thoughts into a collective plate to partake in upon the flashing of go time. The green has shown…

My heart has outgrown this cage I came here with, pressure has built up within my chest, not of anxiety or concern, rather a feeling of “I need a bigger size.” I giggle at the thought of outgrowing a pair of pants for my heart, yet it feels so damn good!

~ This journey I have said yes to, over and over, continues to unfold with magic and abundance in every way! ~

Thank you for sharing these moments of truth, vulnerability, challenges, growth, and expansion. I have felt the pulses of love from a collective heartbeat I can only imagine many of you are a part of. While I walk in the darkness and discover all the beauty within, I realize our collective energy has whispered many times, encouraging me to go forth, continue this path, and know the wisdom exists within each and every one of us.

I am not any more special than you. I do not have any more wisdom than my neighbor. I was not valued more than my brother or sister. No. I have simply said, “YES,” to this life I was gifted. Even when it feels as if it could not be any more of an antithesis of a gift, I chose to forge my way forward with a heart full of courage and knowing this is the only way. And for this I have come to recognize as the magic bringer, wielding a wand of transformation.

~No wisdom beyond saying yes to ones’ self will suffice in today’s message. ~

My heart pours onto each of yours with golden streams of pure love. May you feel the added strength and courage to say yes, to you, my sweet brothers and sisters. XOXO

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