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Welcome to the heart of who I am. Enjoy the exploration of this journey with an open mind, body and spirit allowing truth to be revealed.


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Stretch Into you

April 7, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Push beyond what the world has told you. Challenge every adversity as if it were meant to be delivered with a solution full of joy and adventure. Even when the darkest of days have crowded you judgment, remember, you are magical! We all hold a sage wisdom within our heart; listen carefully, as it calls to you.

Stretch into you; the you that is bold, powerful, loving, compassionate, and full of curiosity and adventure. The you that won’t give up. The you that says yes, when all you want to do is turn and run the other direction. The you that has connected with the sage wisdom and knows the time has arrived to share with the world your gift.

Today, I send streams of golden light, with flickers of sliver, green, violet, and pink swirling continuously. This stream of energy is filled with a vibrational tone that offers an antidote to the stagnation, revitalizing the DNA to stretch beyond the old and into the now. LOVE YOU ALL!

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