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Self Love Mantras

Divine content
February 18, 2017 / By / Post a Comment

When we are self-critical we actually impact everyone around us. Most importantly this depletes the love we have grown for ourselves rapidly. We all do this, no matter how self-loving we are, this is part of the human-experience, no?

One of my favorite quotes is; “The only difference between a catastrophe and an adventure is attitude.” (source has not been found, other than my dear friend Mark Doyle). This really puts life in a whole new perspective. If our literal view can change the way we see the outcome, perhaps this is something we should remind ourselves frequently.

Mantra: “How is this an adventure and where is the humor?”

I find myself getting overly self critical when I am in the midst of a challenge, sick or in a transformative shift. I may be aware I am moving through something big, while my mind seems to get caught in these perseverating patterns of negative self-talk. This is when I need to go outside, get my bare feet upon the skin of mother earth and listen.

Mantra: “I am one with this earth, as she grows, I grow, as she purifies, I purify, therefore this discomfort comes with great respect and awareness of my experience. I will remember the power she holds, I too hold.”

Mantra: “The energy that flows through me is one with this world and I am but a spec, however a powerful one with phenomenal potential when held with absolute love.”

Mantra: “The darkness is where I learn, so shall the darkness bring me comfort and ease as I learn to accept all of who I am.”

Mantra: “I am beautiful! I am mighty! I am both masculine and feminine! I am love! I am compassion!”

Mantra: “My world comes from my thoughts, therefore my thoughts shall be of positive nature, filled with joy, laughter and love.”

May your day be blessed abundantly! XO

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