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If We Had No Words

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October 7, 2017 / By / 1 Comment

The words are hard to find lately… My heart feels tired, worn out and ready for a vacation from all the tattered winds that continue to crash the walls as if trying to break through and sweep away any breathe of life remaining. My mind has long since given up trying to make any kind of logic of all the events within todays world, while it also has a strange awareness there are silver linings in each of these experiences. I wake every day, reminding my heart to love unconditionally and even bigger, encourage my mind to soften and I hold gratitude and honor for my body.

I will speak up when I am called, without hesitation. I will serve in whatever capacity feels aligned and I will give as I am guided. These are the things that bring a sense of calmness to the energy swirling so close. Words will continue to be lacking, as there are none. Writing will continue to flow, with less ease, as it requires these formed letters to which I seem to lack within my index of knowing how to articulate or formulate.

Perhaps our shift within this paradigm is to find the “other than” expressions of what we call language. Our minds have become weakened and dependent upon our lazy use of words. Today, if I may, encourage a moment of reflection on this and guide us all to go far beyond the letters we form to express so thoughtlessly. Go to your heart, this is where we hear, feel and learn an entirely new language, one with comfort, understanding and so much love.


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  1. Kristin says:

    Thank you!

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