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My personal journey and how it relates to the spiritual path I walk and share

The Tough Reality

Personal Stories
September 29, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
Upon reaching the shorelines we see the frothy effects of our ignorance and selfishness. The impact of never taking ownership, rather deflection and projection fly from the tongue with such ease our world has become numb to the truth. A truth we feel so distantly connected to, yet a frayed cord reminds us if only […]

An Open Letter

Personal Stories
September 23, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
Dear partner, Today I set you free with unconditional love and compassion. This journey we have traveled has been full of adventure, love, expansion, and personal growth. For this my heart is full of gratitude and honor for the time we have shared this entangle energy, weaving all aspects of our lives and energies. As […]

Sustaining Love

Personal Stories
September 9, 2018 / By / Post a Comment
Perhaps the phrase “falling in love” was never intended to be what we refer to it as. The term may actually possess the meaning of how we fall away from our own love and into another person. Or rather how we pour that love into another person and forgetting to return the action to ourselves. […]
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Welcome to the heart of who I am. Enjoy the exploration of this journey with an open mind, body and spirit allowing truth to be revealed.


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