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September 16, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

As we walk through this life looking around, wondering how we can find the peace and tranquility from ourselves within our own hearts while there is so much going on around us that is opposite of this very thought, remember one thing; We are never alone! Never, even in our darkest hours, we are fully surrounded by the most beautiful spirits and energy we could ever imagine. Sit a moment and let this sink in… Deeply sink in.

If we are here, with a big team of beautiful, powerful spirits, anything is truly possible, right? More recently I am finding this to be absolutely the truth of life. Going through things that normally create massive stress, tensions and a build up of anger, to then find beauty in this place, I begin seeing everything from an entirely new perspective.

Recently my husband and I decided to purchase a home. This home would serve as a summer home to us, while it will be open to a vacation rental at other times. We began the process of purchasing some time ago and from beginning to end it took 60 days to complete. For those of you who have purchased a home, this is a pretty long time and in all honesty after 45 days people typically get restless and walk away or simply give up. So, to see the number and know the end was filled with beauty and grace is even more remarkable.

Let me begin with where things first got interesting. My husband is self-employed and this creates a big concern to lenders, as he needs to prove his income beyond any doubts. We ended up submitting nearly 20 different documents to show a variety of income sources. By the time we reached the end of this lending process we ended up verifying all 20 documents three times over again. Clearly this sets the nature of the 60 days… With significant delays in communications from lenders in between each new request for further verifications. Even after lending was approved and moving forward, more verifications were requested in a variety of ways, extending the time more.

As we went through this process, I continued with my daily work and surrendering any expectations fully to spirit. I set clear intentions at different times, asking for specific things to happen and have answers to know we were making the highest and best decision. Every time, each of those intentions were met on those days… EVERY TIME! We were even gifted with a discovery of a mistake on our taxes a couple of years ago, that turned out to be in our significant favor of a very generous refund! So, Spirit was fully taking care of us, in so many ways I am not sure I could list, as I am still discovering.

As the process continued and things seemed to get comically arduous, I realized something. Things were shifting for a variety of reasons; We needed to see certain people, have conversations, accomplish certain tasks and shift energy before we could step foot on the property… Yet to the human eye this appeared to be a shit storm growing to uncomfortable measures.

As my guidance would come in, I would honor the things I was asked (even if it meant making strange and difficult requests/decisions). This commitment and respect for the process allowed ease to take place in my body and mind, knowing at the end of the day it was exactly as it was meant to be. The more I could truly find myself in this space, the more I could see the “truth” of what spirit was working out for us. They are never not working! Every moment of the day, they are helping us out.

Life truly does happen “for” us, not “to” us. I am certain I could begin to reflect on so many other things in life and see the complete shift in perspective and understand “why” things happened exactly as they did. I also see the major detours I took in my life because I did not honor the guidance I was given, even before I was fully engaged with my spirit team. Sometimes we are nudged to do things that do not seem logical, easy, or even something we would chose, but listening and following those moments allows a tremendous amount of ease to come into our space and opens doors to such a beautiful journey!

We are blessed and full of gratitude for this entire process. I am to the moons and beyond in love with this process of life. My heart is full and extremely thankful for every person in along this journey and all that has entered this path in which I follow. Thank you God/Universe/spirit/Divine essence!

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