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Tribute to Paris and Humankind

November 14, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

Today my heart aches as I learned of yet another violent attempt to prove ones ego over another, based upon fear. Lacking in love, lacking in light and lacking in connectedness as humans. As I sit in my seemingly cozy, protected home on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, with birds chirping wildly all around, and palm trees giving a background chorus, the thought arrived…

We, as a collective, can and do shift some of the these events, over time, with commitment and love. As a dear friend and author, Heather Strang mentions in one of her recent articles; as spiritual beings we cannot “fight” this “violence” and “fear” with more “violence,” “fear” and ”fighting…” Rather, we need to send a tremendous amount of love and light, while noting our collective consciousness still reflecting back that which is showing up day to day.

Setting daily, or even, hourly intentions to consciously connect with love and light as a place holder within humanity. Creating a space within our daily lives to see the shifting taking place. Understanding, without judgment, those who are involved in the awful and unthinkable acts. This is not from a place of acceptance, rather perspective and finding it within our hearts to send them love as well, as they are clearly hurting, dying inside and working from a place of fear, rather than love.

As hard as this is to write and knowing many who may read this, might simply stop reading, feeling frustrated or even angry, that I could possibly say such things, there is yet another piece in all of this. We ALL have been the perpetrator at some point in our journey of living as humans. Yes, in fact those are the lives we do not want to admit or think of, as they are unthinkable and horrible to the human consciousness. However, we, as those who continue to do such things, are also reflecting the greater consciousness as a whole. This may need to be further elaborated on at a different time, but ultimately if you think in the slightest bit or even completely that you have lived more than one life as a human, then think for one moment and realize that we could not possibly have been perfect in all of those lives, no in fact that is how we learn, grow, expand and understand compassion.

If reincarnation is not clear in your mind or potentially not even a thought, consider this; Have you not made profound mistakes within this life? As a child were you ever so scared or worried that you may have reacting in a way that did not make sense? Have you ever become so angry your thoughts lead you to a place that scared even you? This is the collective consciousness, the fear, the thoughts and the consistent thoughts that show up within our minds. The expectations or judgments we hold on a daily basis for those around us, those evils that currently exist and the governments in which they swirl from.

Humanity has come so far, yet we still have many strides to go. We must, in good consciousness, honor the place we hold right now, right here. Our responsibility is not to judge, rather hold space, sending love to the hearts of every human and living thing on this planet, as this is where the collective begins to shift even further, even deeper.

If for centuries wars have not changed (people die, become severely injured, families greatly impacted, economies fall), than why continue? Is there not something we have missed all this time? Even from a biblical stand point… The old testament speaks of eye for an eye and so forth, yet Jesus arrived on this earth to set things in a different direction, different motion to begin walking in a different way, with unconditional love in our hearts for EVERYONE, not just those we seem to “like” or can “accept” within our world of judgment.

No, we have the capability to follow this example and challenge ourselves from a deeper place and look upon this evil as something we can see as a way to help, rather than judge and send more energy to the horrendous acts. The energy needs to consciously be sent to the perpetrators equally as much as the victims. This is where it gets difficult and seemingly impossible, however my heart is committed to this space, my soul feels the huge responsibility from this knowing, therefore this message is nothing more than my following something with dedication, reverence and love, to then share in a space with a hope this may touch the hearts of the readers, helping deepen the massive shifting that the planet is crying for.

Where is your heart? Where are your thoughts? Where, then does that energy go? This is the simplest, yet most powerful part of humankind… We, collectively create that which is around us.

A Prayer and Invocation For Change:
“May green and golden swirls of light, with violet and pink strands interwoven, cover the country of France and expand over the nearby countries in this time of transition and difficulty. May the Angels swoop down, spreading hope and deepening the love within the hearts, removing increased fear due to the rage that was set upon them. May the world find peace, harmony and love for all that is happening and take up arms with the highest vibration of love and light to begin to transcend these acts and moments in history forward to something of the past, not of today. And so it is… With the unconditional love.”

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