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Calm Within Chaos

September 29, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Pressure has built around me, bursting the structures I have stood for so long. Flurries of debris always skimming my peripheral, yet never quite making contact. A calmness at my root chakra sits with a space of ease and knowing this too shall pass; yet the chaos, this time feels vastly overwhelming. Ducking and diving every know and then to avoid the collateral damage has become exhausting.

As I stand, facing the mirror, I ask, “what am I doing to continue to invite this energy within my immediate world?”

“Nothing,” the answer returns…

“Then why must the debris fly so close and cause such damage,” I reply.

“This is where mastery is obtained and for this reason, one must find the inner peace and stillness amidst the chaos, as our hearts yearn to show the power of this knowledge. Open your heart beyond the capacity you once felt impossible and stretch your spirit into the ethers. Increase your listening, as there will be much sage wisdom along this next path that will break you free from the limitation that holds you in a place of stagnation,” your patient soul.

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