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October 6, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

I must not rely upon others believing in me, rather believe in my own self. A practice of self-love, compassion, and inspiration creates opportunities for me to expand into the world and offer up my gifts, in many ways. As I grow, others may feel inadequate, want to dim my light, or even throw water on the fire I have tended to so beautifully.

The only person worth fully trusting and knowing will always be there, is me. This is not to say others will not believe in me or even support along the way. My heart knows the path I am meant to explore and the responsibility of the mind attached to this heart, I carry. Furthermore, this is the single most important part of my journey, as I reflect upon my life, I see the hundreds of deflated moments because I had hoped or thought others believed in me.

Desiring encouragement from others, waiting for someone to believe in my gifts or see the work I have done is only deflecting and distracting my own growth. How others respond to me is not always a direct reflection of me; instead, a projection of their own insecurity or doubt, offering me a point of reflection and further growth, for this I now hold gratitude.

We learn; nothing lost, rather gained, while we also must recognize our responsibility to self is beyond gigantic. Holding our ego with integrity and love all the way.

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