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Power and Money

October 12, 2019 / By / Post a Comment

Perhaps the deepest essence of ego is found in the two words, power and money. While money is what makes the world move forward, power eludes the truth; attempting to mask our shadows and create an illusion, with the right amount of power and/or money we suddenly do not have a responsibility to work on one’s self, rather buy or demand our way out of it. Hunger for power and money is intensely motivating and creates a false drive from within our being to obtain the highest achievement. The cost is a loss of connection to our hearts.

One could speculate (and they do) this is the distraction from self, the false reality we continue to live. How do we show up in a world that demands so much of our time to gain money and some level of power? Is balance attainable within the material world, whilst simultaneously growing spiritually?


We are, at our truest form, love. We are powerful beings outside of the material existence and can move mountains when connected to this power. We are abundant, beyond our possessions. Trust, reflection, and dedication are a daily requirement to stay in this balance. Our life can be prosperous in every way, while also rippling love into this world. Our mindset must connect with self-love, love for others, and love for the world… In that order… Period. Love! Love! Love!

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