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Granny Goodwitch

November 2, 2019 / By / 1 Comment

Dearest granny,

I write this letter in your honor, as you have transitioned from this life and graduated onto your next venture. My heart feels your incredible energy more than ever before. Thank you for leaving behind all of the good witch stories, adventures, and motivation for me to rise above any circumstance I face. As a little girl, I watched you take on one challenge after another without hesitation and show up unapologetically with such pizazz in life.
My little heart had such admiration for you and I am only regretful I did not share this with you more, as you have inspired me more than any other person to be the best I am able. And what a gift to have witnessed you living such a full life. Your zest for adventure kept you young.
I can recall a great example of this about 10 years ago when I had been visiting and we drove to the grocery store together; you jumped out of the car and looked right at me and said, “wanna race?”
You then got in your ready position as if I did not have a choice. We giggled as we “ran” to store. You always encouraged me to run races, push myself, and trust there was nothing I couldn’t do. Your words were some of the most powerful and influential words I needed and had received from family. For this, I am and will always be grateful. You were always concerned about me being happy and chasing my dreams.
I also know your out-side-of-the-norm style always caught my attention. From politics to family drama. You just had a way of handling things with grace and ease. Never afraid to take things on, instead, you would find the positive and move in that direction. Your “good witch” love was also something that shaped my personal values. Listening to your gypsy, fortune-telling days, brought such joy to me. I can recall asking you to read my palms or you talking about my feet and what you saw in me because of their shape.
The other day, I told dad you had visited me 2 nights before you passed and how I got a message on my phone from you at 3 a.m. His response was, “well she always had premonitions and knew when things were going on too. So maybe you got her “witchiness.”
If I am so lucky to share this in common with you, boy am I, one happy individual. Your light was always so bright and brought the biggest smile and sense of happiness to so many people, myself most of all. I am truly grateful to have had the blessing of having you as my granny good witch in this life.
Until our next one, I love you, miss you and send you streams of golden and pink light, wrapped in the warmest hugs imaginable.

1 Comment

  1. Ken Krueger says:

    Very well said . I’m not a writer , i couldn’t have done better!
    I have a lifetime of memories with my Aunt Elcey. We loved it when she would come to town! It was always a thrill when she did.

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